Hi! Welcome to IndianParkour.org, where we try to keep you in-touch with everyone in the Indian Parkour community.

If you’re trying to get in touch with any of the active Parkour groups in India, hopefully this is a comprehensive list for you, and we will try to keep it up to date.

If you find that this data is out of date, or incorrect, please do let us know in the comments. When possible, do share updated data.

This is just a quick list… Meant to be updated soon, and frequently.

States in India

  1. Andhra Pradesh (AP)
    • Deccan Movement Centre
  2. Arunachal Pradesh (AR)
    • North East Parkour
  3. Assam (AS)
    • Assam Parkour
    • Smoke Traceurs
  4. Bihar (BR)
  5. Chhattisgarh (CG)
  6. Goa (GA)
    • ParkourGoa
  7. Gujarat (GJ)
    • Ahmedabad Parkour
    • Hoop Parkour
  8. Haryana (HR)
    • Vanarshala (Gurugram)
  9. Himachal Pradesh (HP)
  10. Jammu and Kashmir (JK)
  11. Jharkhand (JH)
  12. Karnataka (KA)
    • Chaos Faktory (Bangalore)
    • Team Motion (Belgaum)
  13. Kerala (KL)
    • Team Nara
    • Brink Impulse
  14. Ladakh (LA)
  15. Madhya Pradesh (MP)
  16. Maharashtra (MH)
    • Mumbai Movement Academy
    • Mumbai Parkour
    • Rookie Indian Parkour
    • Indian Freerunners
    • Windcatz
    • Team Prerun
    • Team Myow
    • Parkour Mumbai (Defunct)
  17. Manipur (MN)
  18. Meghalaya (ML)
  19. Mizoram (MZ)
  20. Nagaland (NL)
  21. Odisha(OR)
  22. Punjab (PB)
  23. Rajasthan (RJ)
  24. Sikkim (SK)
  25. Tamil Nadu (TN)
  26. Telangana (TS)
    • Abhinav Parkour Academy (Hyderabad)
  27. Tripura (TR)
  28. Uttar Pradesh (UP)
  29. Uttarakhand (UK)
  30. West Bengal (WB)

Union Territories In India

  1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands(AN)
  2. Chandigarh (CH)
  3. Dadra and Nagar Haveli (DN)
  4. Daman and Diu (DD)
  5. National Capital Territory of Delhi (DL)
    • Leonine Parkour
    • Varnashala
  6. Lakshadweep (LD)
  7. Pondicherry (PY)
    • Pondicherry Parkour