This website is a collective memory of the history of Parkour in India. Join us, and contribute to the legacy that you’re a part of. is an effort to document the journey that Parkour has taken through the years, across the various communities in India.

India is vast. It has a multitude of geographies, languages, cultures, traditions, religions and economic strata. Like other countries, Parkour has appealed to people across these varied groups (add in age too, because Parkour knows no age).

The goal of this project is to reach out to communities across India, dive deep into their histories, origins and to talk to the people behind each community.

I hope to document each community with video, audio and text, and hopefully create a record of how a made up French physical artform that has taken the world by storm has also engulfed the lives of people from diverse communities in India.

Follow this blog, our social media, and email us if you want to be a part of this journey.

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    • This list is just the beginning. I don’t have full info. Yet. I’ll be adding to this list in the coming weeks. So please share your info.

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